We’re Back!

Debbie and I are back in Chad!

All my flights went well. I even tolerated the ten hour Paris layover reasonably well. All baggage arrived and it appears nothing was stolen.

I met Antonia, a volunteer nurse from Germany, and Manon, a Belgian midwife, who will serve with us at G2 for several weeks, at the airport as we were on the same Air France Paris to N’Djamena flight. I was able to help them get through passport control and security and claim their baggage. We all brought medical supplies so we rejoiced that everything arrived in Chad.

This is the North 13 acres. It’s under development, and we have built the third guest house, new maternity and new surgical center on this property. Still much is prairie. The six goats of 2017 were not able to control the weeds then. Neither have the 33 goats of 2018. Do we need to try 100 goats!

We’ve sold several goats and will eventually sell the herd and give proceeds to the Poor Fund that helps poor patients pay their medical bills.

After over three months absence from here I can really appreciate growth of the Neem trees. When we started this project there was not even one tree on this property.

All the grass will die soon and the color of the scenery will change to shades of beige. The trees now provide much-needed shade for the residential area. Likewise for the larger trees at the hospital. These trees, flowering bushes, and green grass are a relief from the monotonous tan of the dry season.

We are experiencing sentiments of appreciation and gratitude for the work of our great Creator God! We praise Him for this!

Thanks to those of you who are supporting this ministry!


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