Welcome to Chad, Dr. Jim!

Dr. James McGilliavry (Canada) and Dr. Roy Jones (England) serving at Hopital de Guinebor, Chad.

Dr. James McGilliavry had a 60-year surgical career in Canada and retired “too early” at age 86!

He contacted me and told me he felt he still has a little tread on his tires and is still feels he can help needy people.

I said, “ Okay, Jim, let’s give it a try!”

How many people his age can or would travel alone from Canada to Chad?

He arrived in good form and has been living with Debbie and me. We have never had an easier guest!

His surgical experience is vast and he knows his profession well!

We have had many interesting conversations and I respect him as he is just a decent, ethical, competent brother surgeon as well as older brother in Christ. Hey, I don’t have many older ones! Older by eleven years!

Jim has certainly been an inspiration to me. He will serve with us three more weeks and we will really miss him when he leaves!

God is good and continues blessing us and this place.

Doctor Jim at work.
Dr. Jim and nurse and language helper, Patrice.
Bert assisting Jim doing the latter’s most difficult hernia repair. Welcome to Chad, Jim! Theodur is our great scrub nurse.
Jim, wearing his Scottish scrub cap and Bert, the Purple and Gold of LSU his alma mater.


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