The Time Has Come

Go Therefore And I Am With You

The time has come.

Time to finish the packing, get the last minute things, see friends one more time, and say goodbyes! Even though we’ve done this many times, it doesn’t get any easier but we’re ready to go and start this new chapter in our lives.

We’ll be hitting the ground running — the handing over of the hospital over 3 days, meeting with officials, Bert being on call 24/7 starting Friday, looking for a car to buy, setting up the house and getting reacquainted with life in Africa. But God will see us through the many transitions. Of that we have assurance!

Joel will be joining us a week after we arrive for a month, and we’re looking forward to having him with us for that time. He’s excited about working side-by-side with us in the medical work, especially in the operating room, as his goal is to be a surgeon.

Thanks for your continued prayers and faithful encouragement.

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