The Little Nomad Boy Gets Medical Help and a Camel

Nomad father and son with Bert

This little Nomad boy, Younouss, had a tumor of his tongue.

It was unsightly when he opened his mouth. When I first saw him in surgery clinic his father wanted to haggle over our surgery fee.

Though I thought our charge of $50 was reasonable since he would have general anesthesia and the procedure would be performed in the OR, I did the operation for $35.

The father was not pleased as he wanted it done for $15!

Younouss was very brave and had almost no pain during or after the surgery.

Nomad father and son with Pastor Bernard
Nomad father and son with Pastor Bernard

The result was excellent. I expect the tumor to be benign. It was sent to the USA for a pathological exam. This is a free service for our patients provided by believers (the pathologists in SC and FL).

The father seemed very pleased. I was caught off guard when he told me now he wanted to give me a mother camel with a baby at her side!

I was told this would be a gift worth at least 500,000 cfas. What a difference in attitude?

I gently explained that I have no place for camels but I would accept the camels. I then, with Pastor Bernard as a witness, gave the animals to Younouss.

Both Younouss and his dad seemed to like this deal.

Nomad father and son with Pastor Bernard
Nomad father and son with Pastor Bernard

Though Bernard and I told the father how to be saved in front of Younouss in the clinic a few days ago, Bernard also followed up here.

I would label this family as “interested.” We will arrange to follow up where they are camped out through our data bank of missionary colleagues.


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