The Beauty of God’s Creation

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.
—Romans 1:20

Male orange head lizards found in several African countries as well as parts of Asia and probably other parts in the world.

Some may say, Bert, you must be desperate for amusement if you’re attracted to lizards!

That may be partly true but it doesn’t take so much to interest an older guy (79 years old next month.)

This is the second time that I’ve sent photos of lizards.

The first was almost five years ago from Nigeria when we served with WMM/Samaritan’s Purse/ SIM at Egbe Hospital. Doesn’t seem that long ago, does it?

What makes me reach for the camera is not its basic lizardness, though I watched one female consume at least 40 insects consecutively over a period of about 30 minutes! Hey, that’s worth a thumbs up, don’t you think?

The big attraction is the brilliant colors, especially the male. (See photo above.)

The females have a variety of interesting back patterns.

The females in this region display very interesting patterns and some color and would get more attention if the males didn’t prance by almost flashing his brilliant colors.

These beautiful colors, we read, are not intended for us but to attract females for procreation.

It is only during mating season that these colors appear. Otherwise, both males and females hardly attract attention as they both become dull-colored and much less attractive.

I do not agree with whoever feels that these beautifully colored creatures are “not for us.”

Before my conversion, I appreciated the beauty of nature, but after I became a disciple of Jesus Christ, this beauty became a time of humility, worship, admiration, and adoration of our wonderful Lord, the amazing Creator of all things!

The Big Bang Theory? No thanks! 

A lizard is a very small example of how truly awesome He is!

I deal with some of the complexities of the human body almost every day. There just are not enough billions of years of evolution that could ever explain it!

Often I thank God as I suture closed a long abdominal incision, as I realize that without His miracle of healing it would all fall apart soon.

Thank you, loving Father, for creating beauty for your own reasons one of them being for the enjoyment of your children—like me!