Prayer Requests & Praise for December


  • Our reputation in this area is now excellent. We have the finest team from multiple countries that has ever been here.
  • We are gradually raising standards of care and improving infrastructure.
  • God provided what we needed to meet payroll during this financial crisis in Chad.
  • The new power system, though not perfect, is much better.
  • We will soon start using Steve’s House as the doctor on-call room. We will have a formal dedication to the Lord.
  • The new house with two bedrooms will be ready for the Jan. 13, 2018 Coalition Summit. Another dedication service.
  • Now we expect 13 missions to be involved in that meeting. To me, this is very exciting!
  • Both BMS and SIM have solid new candidates who can come as early as Feb 2018. A doctor, who likes to train young inexperienced doctors, and a nurse. The doctor could be here possibly for two years and the nurse for three months.
  • The Lord led us to a Christian Nigerian anesthetist, fully trained, who we worked with when we served in Nigeria. He is available and should be able to train three other nurses here. Two already serve in anesthesia here.
  • The new Physical Therapy department is growing quickly with Elise Grange (SIM) in the lead. Her colleague Clément was a big help and will continue his assistance from France. Elise will train a PT tech before she leaves. This missionary community really appreciates this new service. I don’t think Elise will stay away from G2 very long. I hope not!
  • Dr. Marilyn (BMS) is a breath of fresh air. She plans to go into an anesthesia residency when she leaves here mid-January. She has a good knowledge base, is a hard worker, is bold and courageous, and is a joy to serve with. We would love for her to stay longer. 
  • Dr. James brings so much to the table that I can’t mention it all. He is the epitome of bold and courageous. He’s a very hard worker with a wealth of experience. He’s generous in helping us obtain medical supplies. He’s especially skilled in orthopedics and OB-GYN and sonography. He loves to teach and will supervise the fellows and residents from Ventura County Family Practice Training Program who will start their rotation here in February.
  • Amanda (AIM) is from Canada and loves teaching English at the Noor a la Noor School. She is making a profound difference already. With the help of two young lady missionaries (one from Germany and the other from Switzerland) serving with Pioneers and Frontiers, they are training the teachers how to teach the Bible. Amanda fits right into our on-campus family. All these sharp young professionals love the Lord.
  • PT Clément from France served us and our patients well and left us with a generous gift of parallel bars for our physical therapy patients.
  • Two Ethiopian families (AIM) are just getting settled in G2. Their full-time job is evangelism through friendships. When their Arabic language skills allow, they will be incorporated into the health team here to help give them credibility. 
  • We’re grateful for the rest of our fabulous team, too:
    -Joan Mckenzie (AIM)
    -Claire Bedford (BMS)


There is much to improve.

  • We need more funds for medicine and medical equipment and to continue meeting payroll.
  • We need XRay service again.
  • The sonogram machine evidently came without an essential part.
  • We cannot ship the inhalation anesthesia machine until we get the document of exoneration signed by the ministry of health. This has hit significant roadblocks.
  • We do not yet have a teacher-type anesthetist.

I do believe all these obstacles will be removed in time.


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