Praise God We Can Help Children Like Khadidja

Praise God for this little girlThis little girl, Khadidja, an Arab, has been in and out of hospitals since birth.

She’s cried a lot, undergone many tests and treatments, but has never improved. Over the years, she’s continued to cry in pain.

Finally, she got old enough to tell her parents that she had pain in her lower abdomen when she urinated and at other times as well.

When I (Bert) examined her, she was in pain and crying.

I was pleased not to see terrible scars of the skin over her bladder area because that indicated they had likely not been to a traditional healer. These healers often burn the skin or make many cuts over the area that hurts. Obviously, this causes even more suffering for these children.

I ordered an ultrasound of the bladder and found a large stone.

In mid-September, we removed the stones–one large stone–in an operation that took less than an hour.

img_0706img_0705Hopefully, Khadidja’s suffering is finally over.

I’ve removed many such stones in children as well as adults over the years. In fact, since Khadidja’s surgery, I performed the same surgery on another child. 

The cause has been attributed to calcium filled water, chronic dehydration, a genetic disorder, or a combination of all of these.

This condition can lead to kidney failure and death.

I thank God that He has put us here and equipped us with the knowledge and skills and infrastructure to help these little children.

Please pray for us and for the international team at Guinebor ll  as we seek to advance the Lord’s work here among five unreached people groups.

Thanks and blessings,

Bert and Debbie

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