Praise God for Kalbassou!

This is our all-African Trained Surgery Team at Guinebor Hospital.

Kalbassou Doubassou is the surgeon as well as the newly appointed Hospital Director. He was one of our first students in Cameroon in 1993.

We have served with Kalbassou in Cameroon, Nigeria and now Chad.

His skills and gifts are not limited to surgical as he has much experience in hospital administration.

He may be our best evangelist as well as is gifted in languages. He functions well in Fulani, English, French, Arabic, Massa, and others. He can preach in five languages.

He helped us train the rest of the team here in Chad. In addition, Kalbassou is a church planter and pastor.

If you look closely, you will see the white face of Dr. Jim McGuillivray of Canada as he observes and approves of our team’s performance.

We are feeling very blessed that the Lord Jesus has chosen to use us in this exciting Kingdom-building ministry in one of the “uttermost parts of the world.”

Bert and Debbie

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