Our Four Great Missionaries From Four Countries

We welcome our four missionaries from four different countries. Their service is greatly appreciated and needed.

Marilyn is from the UK (Serves with BMS).

She’s a doctor and plans to go into anesthesiology.

She’ll leave us toward the end of February.

Marilyn has served well in general medicine and anesthesia here.


Elise Is from France (Serves with SIM).

She started our physical therapy department in November. Her department is already very busy. Even Debbie and I have been her patients.

Elise will be with us until the end of February 2018. 

She’s training a national to take her place.

Along with Elise from France (L) and Marilyn from England (R), Amanda (C) joins us from Canada.

Amanda is a teacher with AIM.



Melanie is from Sweden and is a nurse.


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