Not Enough Beds

Dear all,

Hopital de Guinebor ll has earned a good reputation and now along with this comes a bit of a problem (but expected).

Almost every day we start the day with the hospital inpatient section full. No empty beds. The maternity unit also is usually at capacity or beyond.

We only have a 45-bed hospital which is now too small.

This makes life hard for all concerned. Maternity has a new building only two years old and it is already too small.

We can’t just ignore this situation. We must add at least 16 beds.

This can be accomplished by building a new ward right adjacent to the maternity unit.

My estimate of cost is $40,000.

On the positive side, we are consistently financially either breaking even or have made a profit even during this Ramadan and rainy season.

Someday soon we will be able to pay for such projects with funds earned by the hospital. This is quite unusual for a mission hospital only seven years old. But not yet.

For three years the CEF  home office sent $5000 monthly for day to day running costs of this hospital. For about another 6-12 months we sent $2,500. But for about 3 years CEF has donated nothing monthly.

If you would like to help with financing this urgently needed hospital ward, please contact Evans Jones. He’s the CEF finance officer.

Or simply send your financial gift to:

PO Box 2652
Lexington, SC 29071

Evans will see that you receive a receipt for tax purposes.


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