Damde’ – Noma (fusospirochetal) Gangrene of the Face

A young girl was just brought in with Noma (fusospirochetal) gangrene of the face. Not to be confused with the NOMA (New Orleans Museum of Art).

To my knowledge, it is our first case here.

I saw several cases in South Sudan. It carries a 90% mortality rate and is usually found in malnourished children 2-6 y/o.

As many as eight different bacteria can be involved. The patient, if not already malnourished, quickly becomes so.

Immunosuppressed patients can also contract this disease.

Our little patient, Damde’, in the photo below, has noma.

We debrided the nonviable tissue under general anesthesia (ketamine). She will need extensive reconstructive surgery if she makes it.

Noma (fusospirochetal) gangrene of face

Please pray for Damde’!

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