Meet Manon and Antoine

Manon, a Belgian midwife (L) and Antoine, a German nurse (R).

Manon, a Belgian midwife, and Antonie, a German nurse, started work on the wards and are getting by with their French.

Manon is fluent in French, Flemish, English, and German! (Us poor language-challenged Americans!) She’s in her mid-twenties, taller than I, and mild-mannered. She’s Catholic as is most of Belgium. She heard the Gospel at our supper table Monday. Manon is the first Belgian to serve at G2. She’ll be here three weeks.

Antonie is in her fifties and is experienced in mission service having served in Haiti and other places. She is very confident and seems to have considerable medical knowledge. She would make a good, tough head nurse but is here for only three weeks. She is an evangelical believer.

Manon and Antonie shared a tent when they attended a Humedica training camp in Germany. Though they are very different, they seem to get along well. They both like to cook and prepare most of their own meals.

A German ob-gyn also from Humedica will serve with us Dec-January.

By the way, Humedica is a Christian organization in Germany. Praise the Lord for this new partner. Next year at this time, we will have the German anesthesiologist, Dr. Michael Schüle and his Dutch wife and baby boy with us long term.

They are coming to serve here despite the wife having fainted, fallen, and hit her head from the heat in the bathroom in the new guest house in March because the solar solar power system did not function. Joel, their baby, suffered from heat rash the entire time he was here.

They had many opportunities in much nicer areas to serve but they felt called by the Lord to come here with Frontiers.

In a year or so after their arrival, once Michael “fixes” our anesthesia dept, we hope to start our anesthesia training program.

I praise God for this precious family.

Temperatures during the day have in the 90’s but evenings are cooler.

I am looking forward to the opening of our new 5-6 bed ER and new surgery clinic soon.

The Lord has truly blessed His project here!

Eph 3:20

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