Meet Dr. Mac, One of Our New Chadian Doctors

Dr. Mac and his “pick up” lunch order. I asked about the white jacket and he assured me that today is wash day at his house!

“Dr. Mac” was a nice surprise when I returned from the states two weeks ago.

He is a real believer, reportedly is a good and compassionate doctor, loves his profession, and witnessing for Jesus. My kind of colleague!

Besides that, he likes Ag projects!

Plus, I know he is a considerate husband though I have not yet met his wife. I know this because he asked me for my opinion of a request his wife made of him.

He told me his wife was supposed to prepare lunch for the entire extended family. She asked him to “pick up something substantial for lunch.” He really didn’t have a clue what to do.

So I asked him how much he could pick up and you can see from his big smile that he thinks his wife will be pleased with her strong husband and how well he provides for his family.

Bon appetit! (This story told with just a smidgen of poet license.)

All proceeds from our goat sales will go to our newly resurrected “Poor Fund.” The latter is used to help poor patients pay their hospital bill. 

Dr. Mac is interested in goat farming and already has the field.

Monday he will take his young herd sire home on his motorcycle. Tuesday he will take the doe that will become the herd matriarch.

And it all started right here in Goatville, G2, Chad!

Stay tuned for the next account of “How to be a Husband Any Wife Would Love.” Hey, lots of luck without goats!


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