It’s Not a Snake. It’s Plumbing Issues.

It’s Not a Snake

This is not a snake. It’s roots that had come to reside in our American Substandard drain pipe from our bathroom sink.

Plumbing Problem Solved

So many plumbing issues.

When our bathroom sink plugged up we hired a plumber who works with Antony to check it out. The problem was not the gooseneck joint.

Guess what was found?

The individual who was here to work on the plumbing left the pipe to drain directly into the dirt.

Neem tree roots really thought that was a great idea so they got thirsty and grew right into the pipe and finally plugged it.

While the plumber and helper were here, construction supervisor Debbie, asked them to check out the shower drain and the awful odor. It drains directly into the septic tank as does the toilet drain. Without a valve to prevent it, it is no surprise that there was the terrible smell all these years.

The problem is now solved.

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