Influx of Patients, Exodus of Missionaries, All is Well

April was busy with 142 operations.

May brings many changes to the staff:

Emily (SIM-France) and  Dr. Schüle (Anesthesiologist from Germany) and family have left.

Bill Wright (USA) left May 6th.

Elise Grange, Physical Therapy, (SIM France) leaves May 8th. The PT dept she started is running well with Chadian staff.

Martin and Elaine Harrison are doing a great job in accounting and management. They leave May 11th.

Melanie, an independent nurse from Sweden, has helped a lot. She leaves May 18th.

Dr. Mina (Doctors With a Mission) the Egyptian dentist, has started the dental clinic. He leaves May 27th.

Debbie and I (CEF – USA) leave May 27th.

Many leaving. Almost everyone wants to return.

The new surgical center will be dedicated to the Lord this week. We will finally be able to do more than one operation at the same time.

Please continue to pray for another surgeon and expat administrator.


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