God’s Timing!

Meet Sawyer and Hunter KlarGod’s timing!

We have our plans but God directs everything and His timing is perfect even if we don’t understand it at the time.

On July 17th we received a phone call from our daughter, Heidi, that she was having problems with her pregnancy and that she would have to have a cesarean section at 38 weeks.

I had planned to leave Chad on the 31st of July nine days before her due date so tickets were changed and I left Chad on the 21st.

The morning of the 21st, Heidi called us again with good news that a cesarean section would not be likely after further review of her ultrasound.

Since the tickets were changed, we decided that it would be best just to go with the new plan.

Even though my flight from Chad to Addis Ababa, then Addis Ababa to Bangkok were delayed, causing me to miss all my connecting flights to Brisbane, God worked it out. I was able to get a flight with another carrier and arrived in Brisbane on the 23rd.

Sweet Baby KlarOn the 28th, two weeks ahead of schedule, I was privileged to deliver Sawyer Bryant Klar.

If there had not been a possibility of a C/S I would have arrived on the 2nd and missed it all.

God has His ways of getting us where He wants us when He wants us.

Heidi did have complications post delivery, and we’re thankful for the quick action of the staff at the hospital. Heidi and Sawyer are doing well.

It was so special to watch Hudson meet his “baby bro” for the first time marveling at Sawyer’s ears, eyes and nose.

Of course after a new addition to a family there is always a time for adjustments. Sleepless nights. A child that was sleeping from 7:00-7:00 waking up again at 4:30-5:00 most mornings. Trying to get ready to go out with two kids. Two kids crying at the same time for different reasons.

But I am so proud of Petter and Heidi with their patience and positive attitude.

image3I will miss the cuddles, singing Jesus Loves Me and other songs with Hudson, going on walks, the laughter, the crazy games played, having Sawyer in my arms. But knowing that we see the same moon and stars and love the same God brings peace to my heart.

I’m so grateful for the time that I was able to spend with Heidi, Petter, Hudson and Sawyer, but sad that Bert has not been able to meet the little guy yet!

Meanwhile back at the ranch in Chad, an unfortunate series of events happened and, as one would say, it was not good timing!

Prior to leaving, I thought I had things settled for Bert with househelp who would clean, wash clothes (by hand as we don’t have a washing machine)and cook while I was gone. About one week after I left, our househelp, Nemerci, went into premature labor and delivered a little boy.

So Bert, with the help of the other missionaries, found someone else that could wash his clothes, and since she could not cook, he was pretty much on his own.

About 5 days later, a pot of boiling water spilled onto his foot, causing deep second degree burns and incapacitating him for almost three weeks.

At times like these, I felt so torn, being needed in two places!

It was a difficult time for Bert due to the pain, but he was able to catch up on administrative work that he had not been able to attend to due to the busyness of the work at the hospital.

Again we saw God’s hand in this, as two other surgeons asked if they could come to work at the hospital, one for ten days and the other longer term starting the week that Bert was housebound because of the burn.

God’s perfect timing was seen again in sending the much-needed during this time.

Glad to say, Bert is back in the saddle again.

We will not fully understand God’s ways or timing, but I am assured that He holds the future, and He holds our hands!

Thanks again for your prayers and support.

Our address in Chad if your would like to drop us a card is:

BP 2776
N’Djamena, Chad


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