God Answers Life or Death Prayer

C-Section — STAT!

Recently, I had a pretty full operating schedule but before I could start my first case, I was informed that a young lady with her first pregnancy was making no progress in labor and the baby was in distress.

I hurried to maternity and confirmed that she needed a STAT C-Section.

Then I was informed that the family was against her undergoing a C-section!  She had left another hospital earlier that day when a C-section was proposed. 

I informed the family that the patient would likely lose the baby and perhaps her life unless we did a C-section. Having been through this before, I knew that the delay could lead to disastrous results as the baby was already in trouble.

I felt overwhelmed to be able to reason with these folks. The poor young patient seemed to have no vote in this decision and the husband was not present.

I Stopped and Prayed Aloud

I just stopped and prayed aloud, asking Jesus to take charge of the situation and save the mother and baby.

As I was walking away from the maternity building, I saw a young man walking toward the building. I greeted him, and he understood French. I asked if he was the young patient’s husband, and he said he was.

I quickly explained why she needed a C-section and asked him to sign the operative consent.

He agreed!

At surgery we found the umbilical cord wrapped three times around the baby’s neck.

Debbie resuscitated the baby and both the mom and baby are now doing well. 

Praise God!

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