Full Hospital and Full Caregivers Village in the Middle of Rainy Season

July/August/September are the months of the rainy season in the Sahel of Chad where we live and work.

Historically, there are fewer patients and our Caregivers Village is almost empty at this time of year. Not this year!

The hospital is full. Patients have to wait for beds. Surgeries are delayed.

Now that we have two surgeons, we could squeeze in a few more operations a week but the constraint is lack of beds.

Thus the Caregivers Village which was not even being used three years ago is also full, in respect to shelter.

Some residents are camping where there is no shelter, which is sad.

Just as we are praying for funds to add a hospital ward, we are now praying for funds to add more shelter to the Caregivers Village.

If the Lord leads you to contribute to these projects, please contact our mission or send your gift to:

Crossover Global
7520 Monticello Rd
Columbia, SC 29203 USA

Serving Jesus in Chad,
Bert and Debbie Oubre