Excellent Meeting with Guinebor 2 Chief

Kalbassou, Djibrine (the Guinebor 2 chief), and David Parker

Kalbassou, David Parker and I met with Djibrine, the Guinebor 2 chief, to discuss the possibility of introducing a sports program to this village.

David is now serving as our expat administrator alongside our Chadian administrator, Allain. David loves soccer, basketball, and track but is here mainly to introduce our Savior to the unreached people.

An effective way to reach the youth from Muslim homes is through such sports programs. We desire to reach the lost using our medical skills, education, sports, and agriculture programs.

The chief is very interested is us introducing fish farming (aquaculture). He has promised to give us several acres for a new school but we must sign a document stating we are sincere and will provide funds to build the school. If we do so, then we can proceed with the sports facility on the same land.

We are excited and trust the Lord to convict some of His children out there to contribute to this exciting project.

David and his wife, Michaela, adopted newborn Chadian girls two months ago and expect to be here a long time.



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