Elise Grange — A Real “Pro”

Elise PT at G2
PT Elise Grange of SIM France has blessed us and our patients.

Elise Grange — A Real “Pro”

Elise will be with us three more months as our Physical Therapist.

She is a real “pro” and already very much appreciated by missionaries,
hospital staff and patients.

She will help train someone to take her place. We would much prefer for her to stay longer.

We don’t really have a building for physical therapy but Elise and her colleague Clément Rimaud used our conference room made of containers because of its size (16×40 ft).

Physical Therapists can hardly do their work without parallel bars to help patients start walking again. Clément and his family decided to buy parallel bars as a gift to G2. Join us in praying for them and thanking God for them.


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