Duplex Debbie Building Project

The “Duplex Debbie” Building Project is going up! This project will provide needed short term missionary housing.

The small building below was our first sterilization building.

It is now part of our new duplex homes to be used by the short term missionaries.

“Duplex Debbie” was my smart little wife’s idea. She also developed the building plans, made our needs for this project known, prayed, and found the funds.

The Lord blessed her efforts and guided her and our building team through the building process in record time.

The roof going up on Debbie’s duplex.
Debbie’s duplex 

Time to install the doors, windows burglar bars and screened porches.

The Bible mentioned that it’s not good to put old wine in new wineskins. We would prefer to be putting a new ambulance in this new vehicle shed instead of our old one, but we were passed over last year when ambulances were given by the government.

Our latest building site.

And another of Debbie’s trees bites the dust.

This block of buildings will house the new Ultra Sound room, well-baby clinic, and vaccination room. There will be a covered waiting room for these patients as well as for X-ray patients.

The X-ray department is also being enlarged and improved. The new X-ray equipment should be functioning next month. 

The entire hospital team of 90 full-time employees and the 20 temporary construction workers are excited to see G2 “movin on up.”

We will have a little celebration when the newly renovated and enlarged labor and delivery department is dedicated next week to the Lord.

Many thanks to those of you who have given to or prayed about any of these projects. 

May the Lord bless you. 
Bert and Debbie Oubre