Doctors without Borders

Debbie and Antonie from Germany went to N’Djamena the last two days visiting European embassies and MSF offices (MSF=Medecins Sans Frontieres =Doctors Without Borders).

They were well received by the Swiss Consulate (Debbie and I have dual US/Swiss citizenship). Switzerland gives the second most financial help of any country. They were also well received at MSF Holland, MSF France, and the US Embassy.

Something good will come of it.


This is what Debbie shared with MSF: 

Cutting Edge Foundation (CEF) is an NGO working in Chad.

Hôpital de Guinebor 2, which opened its doors in 2010, is a 45-bed hospital in the village of Guinebor 2 (a small village north of N’Djamena).

Our hospital team consists of multinational expats and 84 Chadians.

Our goal is to offer excellent and affordable health care to the local population in one of the poorest countries of the world.

We offer many services such as surgery,  general medicine, maternity with prenatal clinic, pediatrics, in patient services, pharmacy, laboratory, ultrasound, 24 hours emergency services, under 5 vaccinations, physio therapy, and outpatient clinic.

Our hospital:
– sees over 2500 patients a month in the outpatient clinic
– 130-150 surgeries (thyroïdectomies, general surgery, OB/GYN surgery, orthopedics
–  130-200 deliveries a month
– over 4000 laboratory tests monthly

We have been ordering items through CPA, PRA and small merchants.

Recently, we have been having problems finding and buying supplies that should be available for good functioning of a hospital especially with an urgent need for wound dressings supplies.

We would be very grateful for any assistance in finding supplies to help provide the best health care to the local population.

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