Bone Setter Causes Little Girl to Lose Her Arm

The first operation I did here at G2 about nine years ago was an amputation of a pretty little 8 y/o girl’s arm.

The family thought the girl had broken her arm and instead of bringing her to the hospital be treated they took her to a traditional healer (bone setter).

The splint they applied was too tight and the result was gangrene of the forearm and hand. We found no fracture, which seemed to make this already very sad case worse.

Four-year-old Fatime

I hoped that this would be the last of such cases I would see but, unfortunately, little four-year-old Fatime (see photo) endured the same painful ordeal only to end up having an amputation here three days ago.

Of course, we try out best to educate parents and anyone else listening to avoid bone setters but there some connections of the charlatans with the spiritual world. Often our advice is not heeded.