Beautification of G2 (More Leisure Reading)

I  must admit, I once didn’t look forward to coming here to G2 on short term surgery trips—though I did it many years (three to four times yearly). Total of 35 trips and still counting!

We moved here full time in 2016. I was full time with VOM for seven of those years (2001-2008) as the international medical director. I founded CEF (2002) the next year.

At the same time that I was developing this hospital, I was also developing the one at Werkok, South Sudan—with the blessing of VOM.

I was also was running around some other dangerous countries in Central Asia and Indonesia taking medical/surgical care of brothers and sisters who had been physically injured by those who hate the disciples of Jesus.

But anyway, I used to consider G2 hospital mission station was just homely (not homey). Think different colors of light beige and dirt white! 

Now, finally, thanks to previous and current residents here and to my wife, Debbie, there are colorful flowers and green plants. And there’s even mowable grass for three months of each year. A mixed blessing, you say?! 

The rainy season is usually over by October and some of the colors fade, and most grass dies and turns beige. It gets dusty all over again very quickly. Everything turns beige and dirt white again—except many of the flowers and parts of trees.

You can imagine if you thrive on color, how much we look forward to the short Sahel rainy season.