A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year in Chad

Our Very Merry Christmas Day

Fellow missionaries from Ireland, England, Canada, and the US joined us for lunch, games, and supper. The fellowship was great!

L-R: Mitch and Susan Sintic, Clare Bedford, Debbie and Bert, and Dr. Marilyn

L-R: Amanda Spruitt (AIM Canada), Elise Grange (SIM France), Susan and Mitch Sintic (Encompass USA), Dr Marilyn (BMS UK), Debbie and Bert Oubre (CEF USA), Claire Bedford (BMS UK)


Our Very Merry Christmas Play

This year several Muslim chiefs joined us as well young local Muslims for our annual Christmas play. 

Last year many people sat in the very hot, direct sunshine for our Christmas play. I was concerned for them much of the time.

This year most everyone expressed how much they enjoyed the play. The acting was evidently better and everyone was much more comfortable, seated in our new clinic waiting room —in the shade.

Christmas Gifts & Friends

Stephane (accountant)and Dieudonne (administrator) seem to like their Christmas gift T-shirts. CEF=Cutting Edge Foundation

Any idea who picked the colors? (Go LSU Tigers!)

Debbie and our cook, Merci, and her cute kids.

And a Happy New Year

At a time when we all missed family and friends at home, the Lord gave us family in Christ here.

Thank you, Lord!
Bert and Debbie
Christmas & New Years in Chad 2017

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