Welcome Dr. Tom Spears: Family Medicine Specialist

Dr. Tom Spears (L) and Chris Spears (R)

On the left is Dr. Tom Spears, who plans to be here next January with his wife and two children (ages 2 &4 years.) He serves with BMS UK and is a completely trained family medicine specialist.

He has served in Benin and Nepal. The Spears plan to serve with us long term at G 2.

This was a bit of a test trip for the Spears and to check into schools for the children. From the G2 leadership team’s perspective, the Spears “passed muster” and we enjoyed the time of interaction. We are already looking forward to the Spears family becoming members of our G2 family!

On the right is Chris Spears is Tom’s dad and is a retired engineer. I tried to recruit him to have a crash course in surgery so he could come and share night and weekend call, but he didn’t seem to think he would deal with blood too well.

I feel it is an excuse, and he just prefers to amble around the beautiful eastern England country and beaches! He knew better than to use the age card. I’m his senior by 8 years!

As you can tell we all enjoyed the Spears’s short visit with us.