Big Day in Operating Room!

This giant ovarian cyst in a thin 70-year-old woman has really changed her profile.

She came in looking 20 months pregnant and now has a scaphoid abdomen.

We could not weigh it on a 20kg scale.

In addition to this case, we did a laparotomy and found, sadly, widespread cancer on a 48-year-old pastor’s wife.

A baby with hydrocoele and circumcision.

A 20-year-old female with a ventral hernia.

A cholecystectomy for a 39-year-old female who had six gallbladder stones.

Bilateral orchiectomy for 80-year-old male with advanced cancer of the prostate.

Keep praying!



Urgent Need: Waiting Area for Vaccination Building

Dear friends,

The long line of women in this photo are moms waiting to get their babies vaccinated.

Most of the babies were born here at Hôpital de Guinebor. Debbie is inside maternity helping do the vaccinations.

We’re glad so many moms are faithful to comply with our requests to vaccinate their children as Chad has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world.

Today the temperature outside is only about 90F but in the hot season it will get as hot as 120F, and we have a three month + rainy season that makes waiting outside, as these moms and babies are doing, difficult or not even possible.

Thus, to make this vaccination program more efficient we will need to build a simple waiting area that will cost $20,000.

To help with this project, send your gift to:

CEF PO Box 2652
Lexington, SC 29071
Attn: Evans Jones

Please designate clearly that your gift is for “Vaccination building” Hopital de Guinebor, Chad.

Bert and Debbie

Praise God for Kalbassou!

This is our all-African Trained Surgery Team at Guinebor Hospital.

Kalbassou Doubassou is the surgeon as well as the newly appointed Hospital Director. He was one of our first students in Cameroon in 1993.

We have served with Kalbassou in Cameroon, Nigeria and now Chad.

His skills and gifts are not limited to surgical as he has much experience in hospital administration.

He may be our best evangelist as well as is gifted in languages. He functions well in Fulani, English, French, Arabic, Massa, and others. He can preach in five languages.

He helped us train the rest of the team here in Chad. In addition, Kalbassou is a church planter and pastor.

If you look closely, you will see the white face of Dr. Jim McGuillivray of Canada as he observes and approves of our team’s performance.

We are feeling very blessed that the Lord Jesus has chosen to use us in this exciting Kingdom-building ministry in one of the “uttermost parts of the world.”

Bert and Debbie

Welcome to Chad, Dr. Jim!

Dr. James McGilliavry (Canada) and Dr. Roy Jones (England) serving at Hopital de Guinebor, Chad.

Dr. James McGilliavry had a 60-year surgical career in Canada and retired “too early” at age 86!

He contacted me and told me he felt he still has a little tread on his tires and is still feels he can help needy people.

I said, “ Okay, Jim, let’s give it a try!”

How many people his age can or would travel alone from Canada to Chad?

He arrived in good form and has been living with Debbie and me. We have never had an easier guest!

His surgical experience is vast and he knows his profession well!

We have had many interesting conversations and I respect him as he is just a decent, ethical, competent brother surgeon as well as older brother in Christ. Hey, I don’t have many older ones! Older by eleven years!

Jim has certainly been an inspiration to me. He will serve with us three more weeks and we will really miss him when he leaves!

God is good and continues blessing us and this place.

Doctor Jim at work.
Dr. Jim and nurse and language helper, Patrice.
Bert assisting Jim doing the latter’s most difficult hernia repair. Welcome to Chad, Jim! Theodur is our great scrub nurse.
Jim, wearing his Scottish scrub cap and Bert, the Purple and Gold of LSU his alma mater.