Four Lives Saved in One Day

This is only a partial right lateral view. With the whole view I had, my guess was at least a litter of five. But there was only one big boy and one medium girl.

The rest was amniotic fluid, most of which flowed into my shoes.

Mom and babies are fine. Praise the Lord.

Don’t see how that belly will ever be normal again!

I went home leaving a fluid trail in the dust. Bathed then put on clean scrubs.

Meanwhile back at the maternity unit, a woman came in with a ruptured uterus —so back to the OR, and this time it was blood running into my shoes!

Sadly, the big baby girl was not alive and was floating free in the abdominal cavity and the lower uterine section was almost ripped in two.

The only option was a hysterectomy for this young lady. It ended up being difficult technically. However, the patient is OK.

From joy for the first case to grief for the second.

Only one other hospital besides G2 is available in the entire area for surgery, to my knowledge (because of strikes).

If we had not been here, the mom and twins and certainly the patient in the second case probably would all be dead.

After another bath, clean scrubs, and shoe change, I finished the day dry in the clinic.

Saving four lives in one morning is worth the small price of blood in the shoes, don’t you think?

Praise the Lord Jesus for sending us here in 2002.

Thanks to all who help us in the ministry by serving here, at home, with finances and prayer!

~ Bert and Debbie

Urgent Needs

Remember to rejoice. Remember Psalm 118:24God has done all things well.

We rejoice and are glad in it.

We rejoice in all He has done, all He will do today, and for all He has planned to do tomorrow.

And we look to Him for all our needs. 

Please join us in prayer for these urgent needs: 

  • Help in accounting/administration with experience in Quick Books or willingness to learn.

We will accept English or French speakers. Even better if both languages.

QB in English.

  • Short or long-term general surgeon

  • Short or long term OB/G

If you are able to meet any of these needs or know of someone who may, please let us know.

Thanks and blessings,

Praise! The Security Gap is Plugged

This is a wall going up that represents plugging a gap and weak link in our security wall.

It’s on the north side of our caregivers village.

Before,  there was a chain-link fence that ended up getting mashed down and allowed entry of anyone that was determined to get in.

This wall will have razor wire on top and will discourage all but determined criminals.

Such is the nature of “security,” but we do what we can.

Thanks to recent gifts from France and Seattle area folks that have allowed us to plug this gap.

~ Bert