New Security Measures

We had a chain link fence on the north side of our caregivers’ village,
but it has been smashed down by people climbing it and gaining access to our property under construction.

This is a major weak link in our security system. Fortunately, we received a designated donation that has allowed us to start building a security wall that will have razor wire on top.

And Then I Had A Tap At The Door

Dependent on the Government

It’s not good being dependent on the government to supply our needs in regard to medicine and supplies. They’re too expensive and often in short supply — or no supply. But we’re required by the government to try to buy all our meds and supplies from the central government pharmacy. I was told that the government has not paid its bills for five years — so suppliers are pulling out. It does not even have Tylenol (paracetamol) now.

So I contacted an acquaintance, a Chadian doctor in charge of a Protestant hospital located several hours from here (Koyom Hospital).

He and I plan to meet soon to discuss some mutual effort to buy such items elsewhere together. 

And Then I Had A Tap At The Door

A couple of white guys greeted me at my door. A French doctor and his son.

This doctor worked at another hospital in Chad that has an MRI, CT scan, big lab, etc. But this hospital didn’t survive the economic crisis and will close next month.

The doctor has decided to stay in Chad and open his own clinic. He wants to provide excellent care and plans to have all his own diagnostic machine and the best equipment.

He told me he had heard about G2 and was curious to know why we had such a good reputation.

He said, “You’re out here at the end of the world! I’m surprised that anyone would come here!”

He has a relationship with a Swiss humanitarian organization and just brought 30 hospital beds into Chad.

He’s able to bring in two forty-foot containers each year with meds and medical supplies.

God is good!


Prayer Requests & Praise for December


  • Our reputation in this area is now excellent. We have the finest team from multiple countries that has ever been here.
  • We are gradually raising standards of care and improving infrastructure.
  • God provided what we needed to meet payroll during this financial crisis in Chad.
  • The new power system, though not perfect, is much better.
  • We will soon start using Steve’s House as the doctor on-call room. We will have a formal dedication to the Lord.
  • The new house with two bedrooms will be ready for the Jan. 13, 2018 Coalition Summit. Another dedication service.
  • Now we expect 13 missions to be involved in that meeting. To me, this is very exciting!
  • Both BMS and SIM have solid new candidates who can come as early as Feb 2018. A doctor, who likes to train young inexperienced doctors, and a nurse. The doctor could be here possibly for two years and the nurse for three months.
  • The Lord led us to a Christian Nigerian anesthetist, fully trained, who we worked with when we served in Nigeria. He is available and should be able to train three other nurses here. Two already serve in anesthesia here.
  • The new Physical Therapy department is growing quickly with Elise Grange (SIM) in the lead. Her colleague Clément was a big help and will continue his assistance from France. Elise will train a PT tech before she leaves. This missionary community really appreciates this new service. I don’t think Elise will stay away from G2 very long. I hope not!
  • Dr. Marilyn (BMS) is a breath of fresh air. She plans to go into an anesthesia residency when she leaves here mid-January. She has a good knowledge base, is a hard worker, is bold and courageous, and is a joy to serve with. We would love for her to stay longer. 
  • Dr. James brings so much to the table that I can’t mention it all. He is the epitome of bold and courageous. He’s a very hard worker with a wealth of experience. He’s generous in helping us obtain medical supplies. He’s especially skilled in orthopedics and OB-GYN and sonography. He loves to teach and will supervise the fellows and residents from Ventura County Family Practice Training Program who will start their rotation here in February.
  • Amanda (AIM) is from Canada and loves teaching English at the Noor a la Noor School. She is making a profound difference already. With the help of two young lady missionaries (one from Germany and the other from Switzerland) serving with Pioneers and Frontiers, they are training the teachers how to teach the Bible. Amanda fits right into our on-campus family. All these sharp young professionals love the Lord.
  • PT Clément from France served us and our patients well and left us with a generous gift of parallel bars for our physical therapy patients.
  • Two Ethiopian families (AIM) are just getting settled in G2. Their full-time job is evangelism through friendships. When their Arabic language skills allow, they will be incorporated into the health team here to help give them credibility. 
  • We’re grateful for the rest of our fabulous team, too:
    -Joan Mckenzie (AIM)
    -Claire Bedford (BMS)


There is much to improve.

  • We need more funds for medicine and medical equipment and to continue meeting payroll.
  • We need XRay service again.
  • The sonogram machine evidently came without an essential part.
  • We cannot ship the inhalation anesthesia machine until we get the document of exoneration signed by the ministry of health. This has hit significant roadblocks.
  • We do not yet have a teacher-type anesthetist.

I do believe all these obstacles will be removed in time.


Elise Grange — A Real “Pro”

Elise PT at G2
PT Elise Grange of SIM France has blessed us and our patients.

Elise Grange — A Real “Pro”

Elise will be with us three more months as our Physical Therapist.

She is a real “pro” and already very much appreciated by missionaries,
hospital staff and patients.

She will help train someone to take her place. We would much prefer for her to stay longer.

We don’t really have a building for physical therapy but Elise and her colleague Clément Rimaud used our conference room made of containers because of its size (16×40 ft).

Physical Therapists can hardly do their work without parallel bars to help patients start walking again. Clément and his family decided to buy parallel bars as a gift to G2. Join us in praying for them and thanking God for them.


God Answers Life or Death Prayer

C-Section — STAT!

Recently, I had a pretty full operating schedule but before I could start my first case, I was informed that a young lady with her first pregnancy was making no progress in labor and the baby was in distress.

I hurried to maternity and confirmed that she needed a STAT C-Section.

Then I was informed that the family was against her undergoing a C-section!  She had left another hospital earlier that day when a C-section was proposed. 

I informed the family that the patient would likely lose the baby and perhaps her life unless we did a C-section. Having been through this before, I knew that the delay could lead to disastrous results as the baby was already in trouble.

I felt overwhelmed to be able to reason with these folks. The poor young patient seemed to have no vote in this decision and the husband was not present.

I Stopped and Prayed Aloud

I just stopped and prayed aloud, asking Jesus to take charge of the situation and save the mother and baby.

As I was walking away from the maternity building, I saw a young man walking toward the building. I greeted him, and he understood French. I asked if he was the young patient’s husband, and he said he was.

I quickly explained why she needed a C-section and asked him to sign the operative consent.

He agreed!

At surgery we found the umbilical cord wrapped three times around the baby’s neck.

Debbie resuscitated the baby and both the mom and baby are now doing well. 

Praise God!

Economic Crisis

Chad In Economic Crisis

The mood in Chad is not good as fewer and fewer patients can afford medical/surgery care because of the very real economic crisis.

Many of our patients are military and they have been receiving only a fraction of their normal salaries.

We are finally feeling the financial pinch strongly at the hospital here, but we do not feel that we can withhold care of emergency cases-especially for infants and children.

God Met Payroll

We expected to announce to our hospital employees that we would be unable for the first time ever to meet payroll.

As explained to you previously, this is because of the major economic crisis here caused by the low oil prices and other management issues of the government. Many patients just simply do not have money.

Our leadership team met and we saw that our hospital earnings would have to be record setting for the next three days in order to avoid announcing to our employees that we would have to delay paying them. Then we turned it all over to the Lord and went to work.

We had several emergencies and Dr. James’s skills in orthopedics came into play. We still have only one OR until we move into our new surgical center, hopefully, in February. I had several cases, as did James, so we ended up not getting all the cases done and had to overflow to the next day.

Being able to run two operating rooms at the same time will help improve timely patient care and will help the hospital’s bottom line.

Anyway, we earned enough to meet payroll and did not have to make the dreaded announcement. PTL!

James has been a real blessing. We were just about out of suture but he brought enough free suture to last a couple of months. He also brought needed surgical instruments.

We will move ahead with the affiliation with the Family Practice program in Ventura, CA. It is considered one of the best training programs in the USA.
They will send fellows who have completed their residency as well as last year residents. There will be at least one fellow or resident here year around. James will supervise this program.

Please Pray with Us

Please join us in prayer for the people of Chad as well as for this ministry to unreached people groups. 

Is this economic picture going to change? Only God knows, but the reason we are here is to tell people who come here, no matter who they are, the truth about Jesus and how they can find eternal life.

Also to relieve suffering and to cure patients when we are able to do so in His name.

We cannot allow ourselves to deteriorate into becoming stressed-out servants consumed by financial worries. Then burn-out comes.

Pray for God to provide.


From Jean Wilund, the Oubre’s blogger: Thanks for your prayers for the Oubre’s and the hospital. I hope you’ll consider donating to G2 as an early Christmas gift.