Praise: I Can See And All For Free

I have had the best eye examinations ever plus two new pairs of eyeglasses including frames. One pair is for use in surgery which I have much needed.

Total cost to me –$00.00! Thank you, Lord!

Eyes, for my age, are in very good condition. No glaucoma or retinal disease.

Now if I can just get the knee working better! I have a doctor’s appointment in South Carolina on September 5th. 

Thanks for your prayers and support!

Praise & Prayer Requests


We praise God for a great visit with our son Philippe and his wife Brenna. Here are a few photo highlights:

Debbie and I in the Philippines.
Philippe & Brenna
Debbie hangs ten!

We’re now in Australia with our daughter, Heidi, our son-in-law Petter and our grandsons, Hudson and Sawyer and to experience the joys and challenges of caring for a very active three-year-old as well as a one-year-old.

Praise in Chad: We praise the Lord for the progress of construction of the new surgical center. Hopefully, we will open it in January.

Another praise item is the 40-foot container from Samaritan’s Purse full of medical supplies and also equipment needed for our new solar power system is now in N’Djamen.

And since there hasn’t been any rain in a few days, Bollore may be able to get it to Guinebor in the next day or two. Another 20-foot container arrives in a month.

We praise the Lord for blessing this project in so many ways!

May many more souls be saved over many years at this spiritual and medical oasis in a very dark land.

Prayer Requests:

My problem knee prevents many normal activities related to activities. I had an MRI of my knee this week in Brisbane so maybe a decision can finally be made concerning surgery or not. If yes, it will be done in SC.

Please also pray for the team at the hospital in Chad. There’s a team of two full-time Chadian doctors and three short-term doctors during our absence as well as a staff of eighty nationals.

We also need prayer for the patients and the 20-foot container to be able to make it to the hospital despite heavy rains that have made it difficult for anyone to make it to the hospital.

These are our praise and prayer items for now.
Bert & Debbie

August Travels to South Korea, Australia, & Possibly South Carolina

Philippe and Debbie at the ski jump site for the next Winter Olympics.

We traveled this month to South Korea to visit our son Philippe and his wife, Brenna.

After 28 hours in airports and planes, we arrived in Seoul. Philippe and Brenna met us and we continued on the 2.5-hour drive to Yangyang where they live and work teaching English.

The next day we went with Philippe to observe as he had two classes to teach before he and Brenna start their vacation.

It was good to meet his Korean colleagues and watch him (and admire him) interact so well with his students. Brenna teaches at a different school.

The next day we went to the DMZ and visited the site of the next Winter Olympics, including the site for the ski jump.

We won’t make the real event but Philippe and Brenna already have their tickets!

Next, we’ll fly to Brisbane, Australia to spend a couple of week with our daughter Heidi and her family. 

I’m still having pain in my knee so I’ll have an MRI done in Australia. If I need surgery, I’ll fly back to the South Carolina for it.

Please pray for my knee to heal so I when I return to the operating room I can better endure the long hours of standing.