Debbie Receives Gift From Nomad Friends

As I have mentioned before, Debbie has gone the extra mile and much more making friends with the Nomads who bring their camels here during the dry season.

It’s now the rainy season, and they will move on.

Debbie and Arabic speaking colleagues have made sure they have heard the gospel.

Debbie made her last trip to visit her Nomad friends and received this baby female goat as a gift.

We also had the opportunity to share at the hospital as some of them became our patients.

We will continue to pray for their salvation and look forward to their return. 

Bert and Debbie 

Gendarme Station & Steve Oubre Memorial House

Most of our patients are nice and appreciate our service. However, over recent years we have had twelve incidents of aggression in which members of our staff have been injured.

Our guards have no weapons, so I spoke with the Gendarme officer in charge of this district. Starting this coming Monday, there will be an armed Gendarme posted at our main entry gate 24/7.

The small building in the photo below will be the Gendarmes’ station. The main entrance to the hospital is to the right.
Gendarmes' stationThe two photos below show the new windows for the pharmacy extension.

the new windows for the pharmacy extensionthe new windows for the pharmacy extensionThe photo below shows that the foundation for the Steve Oubre Memorial House is done and the walls are going up. (Antony, our builder, is in stripes.)

The foundation for the Steve Oubre Memorial house is done and walls are going up. Antony, the builder, is in stripes.Thanks for your interest, prayers, and support.