Settled into Life in Chad

Bert & Debbie Arrive in ChadIn some moments of life, time can seem like a runaway train yet at others, just as slow as molasses on a January day!  

For us the last seven weeks, time has been running like a runaway train!   

We left the States on June 6th, arriving on the 7th in N’Djamena, Chad with all nine pieces of luggage.  

Our first day at Guinebor 2 Hospital compound was spent resting, starting to settle into our home, unpacking suitcases, shopping and greeting old and new friends.

The next two days were busy with the handing over, with Bert and I reviewing hospital related documents, getting debriefed, visiting various officials and meeting the staff.   

On Friday the handing over was complete, and Bert started taking call.

Joel, our son, arrived on Sunday. He was so happy to be back on the continent of his birth.

His goals were to see the medical work that we’re involved in, assist in any way he could while getting some medical experience, especially surgical experience, as he will be attending Louisiana State University School of Medicine.

His dream is to be become a surgeon.  Even as a 4-year-old child being pushed on the swing by Bert, he looked up at the pinks and blues represented in a beautiful sunset and exclaimed, “Dad, it looks like arteries and veins!”

Bert & Joel Oubre operateJoel’s time was spent in the operating room, assisting Bert and Kalbassou, as often as possible, as they operated.

His month in Chad seemed to fly by, and before we knew it, he was back to America, moving down to Louisiana and ready to start medical school on August 1st.  

Bert and I have settled into life in Chad.

Everyone asks about the heat- yes, it was quite hot and humid the first week, but with the rains, things have cooled down.  We’re so grateful for the fans powered by our solar energy.  

Bert has been busy in surgery with up to eight surgeries several times a week, consulting in the outpatient department, rounds, meetings, corresponding and trying to improve patient care.   

As for me, I keep busy with keeping the house going, getting our compound guesthouse ready for visitors, working in maternity, teaching, and helping out in any way that I can.   

Thanks again for all your prayers and support.  

We miss our families and friends but know that we are excited about being a part of God’s work in this part of the world!????

In His Hands,

Bert and Debbie